Summer 2012

It’s been a fantastic summer in LA! In Chicago today is the last day where the beaches and public pools are officially open, but there’s no sign of summer ending in LA anytime soon!

Got a great ocean swim in today at Tower 26 in Santa Monica. June gloom is long gone and the weather was amazing. Towards the mid-point of our swim, we spotted a small pod of dolphins. They got closer to us and were playing around not even 10 feet from us; you could even hear them chattering underwater!

Tower 26 - Santa Monica beach

Tower 26 in Santa Monica


Earlier this summer, Kevin Marshall (colleague at Clarity) and I also swam the Alcatraz Sharkfest swim.

What an epic swim!!

800 swimmers pile into two ferries and sail to Alcatraz. Everybody dives into the water and swims towards a start line of kayakers. The ferry horn sounds and you swim like mad.

Super challenging swim because of the currents; you can’t just swim a straight line to the finish – you’ll get swept out and get brought back in on the back of a jetski.

Swam it in a respectable 34 minutes, but wussed out and wore my wetsuit. San Francisco is cold in June, and it psyched me out!

Alcatraz Sharkfest swim

Alcatraz Sharkfest swim

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