Naked domain support using GoDaddy and Azure Websites

Getting a naked domain working properly seems to be one of those secrets of the internet that people in the know protect under threat of violence.

Different DNS providers and hosts handle this differently, but here’s how I got it working with Azure Websites and GoDaddy.

In my case, I wanted to get both and to point to my website. Preferably, I also wanted to work without a redirect – I wanted the user to actually see in the address bar.

The Azure management portal pretty much tells you all you need to know when configuring a custom domain for your site. After you enter the domain, it does some validation to make sure the necessary DNS entries are in place – and let’s you know if they’re not.



Pretend for a second that I entered (not as in the screenshot). The error message tells me that I need a CNAME record awverify.www that points to

After configuring that in GoDaddy, works as a custom domain for

To get the naked domain to work as a custom domain, create a CNAME record awverify that points to

Here you can see the two CNAME records in GoDaddy:


and the custom domains configured in the Azure Management Portal:



Hope this helps


  1. Nitin M says:

    Thanks George… it really helped me get the website up and running..

  2. Kousha Nejad says:

    Hi George, I’ve struggling for a few days, googling, calling GoDaddy and Azure, and your simple instruction worked perfectly, and BIG thank you

  3. Ignacio Fuentes says:

    Hey George. Nice info. This is where I am currently at but I actually wanted the user to be redirect to the naked domain if they manually entered www. Like twitter does it. Is that something that needs to be done in the app or the DNS can solve it?

  4. georgedurzi says:

    Ignacio, twitter does a 301 redirect on to You can see it happening in your browser’s developer tools; e.g.: in Chrome, click the Network tab.

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