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Barrel-aged Cocktail Experiment!

Amy got me a couple of oak barrels for my birthday from Oak Barrels Ltd so that I could start experimenting with barrel-aged cocktails.

I got 5 and 2 liter barrels; I knew I wanted to do a Manhattan in the bigger barrel, and then maybe age a white whiskey or another cocktail in the small one.

I settled on a Newark in the 2 liter barrel, which calls for Laird’s Applejack, Maraschino liqueur, sweet vermouth, and Fernet Branca. This should age pretty quickly in the smaller barrel – I’ll check it in 6 weeks to see how it’s doing.

I wanted to do a Negroni but read that it’s best to do that after you’ve already aged something else in the barrel.



I’m looking forward to seeing how the Manhattan in the bigger barrel turns out. I used Buffalo Trace (it was on sale) as the base. This sucker should yield about six 750ml bottles of the good stuff, so I need to start collecting some empties.


I’ll report back as I taste these during the aging process. This should be interesting, especially because patience isn’t really one of my best qualities, but I have to wait at least 8 weeks on the big barrel.